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I bought a rhinestone locket and several charms equalling well over $100 but it was personal and I loved it. Within four months a rhinestone was missing. I called my designer and she said they only replace withing three months (seriously??? My expensive necklace is only covered for 3 months???) and she would sell me a new one at her cost. I said fine, let me know when you have one. Well, within... Add comment

  • 2 days ago
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Low Quality Charms
  • 2
  • 263

In February of 2014, yes only 5 months ago, I bought quite an expensive necklace with several charms, and an extra pave heart lock charm to hang on the chain. Four of the rhinestones have fallen off, thereby showing the poor quality if this merchandise. When the person who had the party called the company to report it, they said it's been too long and the only thing I could do is buy a... Read more

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  • Jul 28
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Defective Locket Bracelet
  • 15
  • 329

First off I attended a party, I don't know if you can even call it a party. There was a "jewlery designer" sitting at a table waiting to take orders. Nothing was ever said about the jewlery, how the company started or why we should buy this product. So, foolishly I placed an order and spent way too much money on what I came to find out is simply costume jewlery!!! I purchased a braclet with a... Read more

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  • Jul 27
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Tarnished Chain
  • 3
  • 192

This is the second chain that has tarnished and in the same spot on one side only. It never gets wet because it's a necklace and It's never worn in the shower etc. With the cost of the item it should wear better then this or better yet, make a better product even if costs more, Need answers please....because we all know that word of mouth is the best advertisement. This was a Mother's Day gift... Read more

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  • Jul 26
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Wrong Color Bracelet
  • 2
  • 47

I bought an origami owl 7 1/2 gold bracelet with several charms to go with it. I only wore it several times and it turned colors on me. I feel for the amount I paid for it that It shouldn't have turned colors. I'm love the bracelet but very unhappy with the out come. Read more

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  • Jul 24
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Unethical Staff Behaviour
  • 1
  • 369

I am at the Ohio State Fair today 7/24/2014. I was interested in more charms to add to my heart necklace. I want the silver cross with crystals. The women said that was displayed only and showed me her charms she had on had and didn't see anything I wanted turned around to the women and they were laughing at what i said or something I just turned and left. This happened on 7/24/14 around... Read more

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  • Jul 23
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Chain Refund Refusal
  • 2
  • 460

I went to a party purchased a heart locket and spent $100. This was the end of April beginning of May. The second party I went to I returned the chain from the first party and purchased a newer better item to wear with the locket. The agent (Simone Cossette) was the sales woman the first party. The second party I went to, Simone's boss represented Simone. I purchased the better chain and turned... Read more

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  • Jul 23
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Low Quality Heart Locket
  • 4
  • 267

I had a Origami Owl party at my home. I ordered the heart locket which I got but the first day I had it it was not clasped onto the chain properly and it dropped and the glass cracked on both sides. I contacted my rep and she had me bring her the locket and she sent it back and got me a new one. I just went to put my charms into my new locket and it is cracked on the backside. Their items are... Read more

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  • Jul 23
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Zavalla, Texas
  • Wrong Items Delivery
  • 2
  • 128

I ordered 155.00 dollars worth of jewelry, 13 items that I did not get. I received a chain and 2 charms that I didn't order.I was told to fill out a form and return the items they sent me and they will fix it. Sorry customer service.Just send me the correct order. They are not reliable at all.The jewelry I got looked like it came out of a quarter machine. I have to do all the led work and... Read more

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  • Jul 21
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Locket
  • 1
  • 120

My boyfriend ordered me a locket for our 5 months. When he got it and was putting it together he noticed that the back half of the locket was gone. It had no back so it couldn't even technically be considered a locket! It was awful. Should've read the reviews before I bragged about this to him hinting to get me something. Read more

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