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If the so called founders would stop dancing with their employees as if they are queen of the ball they might want to focus on why they are going to be in alot of trouble on filing false copyrights, patents and trademarks on other peoples works. They do not own any designs.. Then they have the balls to continuously copy other peoples jewelry. Who wants to take bets on how many years they will get in prison. Everyone involved are just as guilty... Read more

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Origami owl is the worst! They are over priced and their customer service is despicable. They never answer. I bought better lockets on Amazon and the charms as well. Do t waste your money.

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I had purchased from Origami Owl a few times, got suckered into a few parties. I know I spent near 400.00. I thought it was beautiful and fun and didn't mind spending the money at first. But then things started happening like my jewelry tarnishing, was getting bad feedback from things I gave as gifts, and the last straw were the Core teardrop bracelets, they DO NOT stay closed and any charms you buy for them fall off and get lost. I am so... Read more

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Their customer service is the pits, worse than AT&T or the postal service which is bad enough and I've considered the worse, until NOW!! I called early enough in the morning...36 minutes later, no customer service, just the same boring song over and over again!! I tried again a little later... Nope, not gonna happen! Hung up after 20 minutes cause I knew they weren't going to answer!! Forget them!!!! Debbie R. Read more

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One word: OVERPRICED. Seriously, do a bit of eBay or Etsy searching. Charms that sell for $5-7 dollars on OO, can be bought for about $1-2 on Etsy, and typically 10 for $1 on wholesale from China! Which is where OO gets their products from anyway! I found stainless steel lockets, with chains, for $6. I made a beautiful locket with a plate for around $15 using etsy and eBay. The same theme would have been over $85 through OO. Don't fall for these... Read more

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Using inferior quality products made in China is why things don't look so good after a while. You people pay way too much for this stuff. Ask your distributor what these things are really made of. And why do you pay so much? Multi-level marketing, ie pyramid scheme. When you by something you are paying several people. Go to a local store owned by a person and buy something nice from them. Chances are that person (or someone they know) made... Read more

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Quit dancing and fix your company. Stop laying off people. Red flag for anyone thinking of buying into their charade.

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More layoffs. It's bad when they let their recognition team go. They are down to 10% of January 2015's workforce. Don't become a distributor. Stay away from this tired fad. RUN.

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i have had a necklace for over 3 years and it looks the same i love it cano t complain its very high quality i only take it off when in going to shower other than that i do execsice with it and put it in water and its still perfect some people may buy from the origami outlet that s why it gets damaged because those product are cheap and people are cheap if you would spend a little more $ you will get high quality and it will last along time... Read more

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I gifted my daughter with a necklace with a locket and dangling heart key. The dangle charm turned black after a few months and the necklace chain turned her neck skin green. The total cost of the necklace and charms was $90. I assumed the quality would be good for that cost. Since I purchased from a good friend that sells the jewelry I felt uncomfortable complaining to her about it. I am very disappointed in this purchase , am embarrassed as... Read more

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