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Got my locket and charm today when placing together I must of had pressed on glass too hard to tighten that it broke, poor quality :( Read more

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I have some of your product. And I love how it lookED when I got it. But now it doesn't have any shine. I have tried jewelry cloths and I've tried soap and water, gentle. But it looks no better.please help me.!!!!! Add comment

Biggest piece of *** necklace I've ever seen! My sister bought me one 2yrs.ago the chain turned and it was supposed to be replaced the lady she ordered from had one excuse after another so still not replaced and my sister had to go and buy another chain somewhere else! This *** is expensive and no good,I advise anybody not to buy any of it! Read more

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If you are looking into becoming a designer with Origami Owl, I IMPLORE you to re-think it! I waited for 4 months on a wait list back in 2013, when I finally became a designer I was so excited. My first year incredible, made some money and enjoyed it! 2nd year couldn't even give away the jewelry for FREE! I have spent more money than I have made total just to stay active. I love their product, but my previous customers no longer wear it, and I... Read more

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Origami Owl Copies other peoples designs
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Proof Origami Owl's copyrights are fraudulent. If they truly had original artwork no one ever made it would be a miracle The baseball softball can be found all over the internet. This is a prim example Origami Owl does not have original art work. The just married they copied from the original bracelet charm. Wine glass is Pandora's All the charms in the lockets are copies of other peoples floating charms or charms bracelets The keychain is... Read more

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So Origami Owl never submitted proof they are authors of their copyrights to the Federal Courts in a lawsuit. They think they are somehow above the law. They instead use one of their little hired helper to have all their fraudulent copyrights removed off of all the public sites. This is the peon is doing Origami Owls dirty work and not telling him they are frauds is sad. Origami Owl LLC Representative's Information Name Robert Armola... Read more

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Bought a big locket, i put a couple charms in it. A day later one of the glass faces to the locket came off and lost all my charms. Locket is expensive, charms...very expensive. Wrote an email and they wouldnt even replace just the locket. and marked up at a ridiculous price.terrible service. Read more

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I bought the necklace charm with rhinestones around it and the small little diamonds are falling out. I eant replacements. Please contact me to let me know what to do. 214-861-6518 im in Dallas Texas. Dana Certain Add comment

OMG !!!! Origami Owl sued their first supplier in the USA. Copied their designs and other peoples work. This company is outright vicious, nasty and dirty. They sued a companies elder mom that had nothing to do with the case. They drove their original supplier to bankruptcy and the elder mom with nothing left. Barley any money for food is not a life when Origami Owl ruins a life. They don't care if they leave anyone homeless with barley any food... Read more

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100% FULL

Origami Owls Fraud, Copyright, Patents Infringement Notice
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TRUE FACTS: Since the beginning Origami Owl Fraudulently has sued and harassed companies/people in the USA and outside of the USA. These poor people could have had a fight if they knew the truth of the fraudulently filed copyrights, trademarks and patents. Flat out fraudulently advertised they had a patent pending on a screw top locket in their catalog. The story of the 14 year old is fraud as the mother was convicted and pleaded guilty in a... Read more

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