I purchased product with a bartering system with an OO designer, ................I sent the designer the money by Paypal (non recoverable as it was past their 30 day deadline) When the product came, it was not what she had told me it was. I attempted to contact her and because she had not entirely fulfilled her part of the barter arrangement, I was never able to have her respond to my requests for help. I contacted OO customer service by email Aug 22 2013 . They sent me back an email saying that they had received my request for help and would be contacting me shortly. I contacted them by phone on Sept 25th and was told that they would try and contact the resp themselves and get right back to me I was on the phone waiting for a response for over an hour. Oct 10th I contacted them by phone and had over an hour wait to have someone answer the phone. I was told that they would send the request for an exchange to a higher level and get back with me. All I wanted was to exchange the product that I had for something else. They promised to email me a return form. The invoice that I was working with was #998...... and the date of purchase was 6/10/13. They explained that they would exempt me from the return deadline as I had tried to contact the designer and had not ever been able to get her to respond. No return form was emailed and no call from the company was made and I called them again on Oct 11th as they had promised to get back to me within 24 hours. Again my wait time was nearly an hour. Again a promise was made to email the return form immediately. On Oct 14th I again called and had asked (again to speak to a supervisor). I spoke with Claudia who actually promised to call me me back to let me know that she had indeed sent the return form. Apparently it had been sent to some other random person (not the original designer either). I was given an escalation number #108.... Claudia also took the information from me about the items that I wanted to have sent to me in exchange for the ones that I was sending back. Claudia actually phoned me back that afternoon and then called and left a message on my phone letting me know that the form was indeed in my email. She also gave me an extension that I could call her at if I needed to contact her again. I did receive the form in the email and sent the return merchandise out on Oct 16th via Fed Ex...tracking number 595458810000.... No contact was made. I again called customer service on Nov 5 and waited for AN HOUR AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES to finally have someone pick up the phone. In the time that I was on the phone I also sent two requests to their online customer service dept to have someone there contact me (no one ever responded to my emails). I asked to speak to a supervisor and then finally asked to be transferred to Claudia who had given me here extension number x0110. I was told that I could not request a certain person and that an extension number would not do me any good. Again I asked to speak with a supervisor. Jennifer told me that the records indicated that my return merchandise had been received. I asked her when my items would be sent. She could not find any record of what I wanted to have sent to me so I again gave her the info. She reread it back to me assuring me that she had emailed the shipping dept and they would be sending the product soon. She could not give me a time frame. On Nov 14th I again contacted Origami Owl and this time waited for one hour and five minutes before someone would answer. I asked for a supervisor and got Lupita. She told me that she would email shipping and let them know. I told her that I was sick and tired of hearing the same response...that they could not help me, give me a shipping date and that there was no other supervisor there higher than her who could help me. She suggested that I call the next day to get a hold of someone else but would not give me a time frame or a name to speak to. She finally told me to call in the afternoon at the same time that I had called that day that there was always someone there who might have more answers. I reminded her that I had called at that time and she had nothing or anyone to help. She did re-verify the the items that I wanted but would not help in another other way. I told her that I was going to stay on the phone until she connected me with someone who would help me....that I had waited over an hour with every call and refused to be dealt with in the same manner the next day. I have received no information since that date...Nov 14th, 2013.

This was the above message that I finally had to send to the Better Business Bureau with the following as a response to their request that I indicate how I would like this to be resolved:

I would like the items that I was exchanging sent to me. These are Christmas presents, some that have to sent to other places. I have been trying to work with this problem since July of 2013 and I can not do this anymore. I have never had such a disregard for customer relations in my life. Any refunds would go to the designer who ordered the product for me so that is not an acceptable alternative. The designer............. already still owes me $50 in product that has never been sent to me... Please contact me at.............

Then this is what took place:

Good Morning Nola:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. On behalf of Origami Owl, I would like to sincerely apologize for the recent experience with our company. I can assure you we are working diligently to improve all aspects of our company.

I have reviewed the complaint and found our Designer Care Team has requested a check refund on 11/18 to be issued to the CC on file for order #9988... Since the order was mostly paid for by the Designer ............ #2....... we then issued a check refund to her. I have now reached out to the Designer so she may address this issue personally. Please allow 48 hours for a response. You may contact me directly at LnBl@OrigamiOwl.com with any additional questions.

Thank you for your patience while resolving this matter.

Yep, this one sent me over the edge!

Had to REFILE everything ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

I would estimate that I spent over 100 hours on this issue in a 5 month period of time. The designer? Still won't return my calls, although when OO contacted her she was more than willing to accept MY MONEY back as a refund!!!!

It is interesting to note that a rival company now lists as one of their selling points fantastic customer service...DO NOT ever deal with this company!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Origami Owl Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Lake City, Florida, United States #768232

You said you purchased thru a "bartering system"?? What eBay?

That's where you went wrong. And it's not the companies fault. The designer is NOT allowed to sell on a "bartering system" it's against p&p! Looks like you got scammed by a person that might not even be real designer.

And now you want to blame the company? ....there always two sides to a story!!!

San Marcos, California, United States #766754

What a horrible experience! How do companies get away with stuff like this?

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