I ordered a 100 dollar necklace with 7 charms and a plate...And then payed for expedited shipping...

I got the package on time, just to open it and find someone else's order with my packing slip. Mothers Day is this weekend and I wanted to make sure I got the necklace on time... I called their customer service line to not even hear an apology. They did agree to overnight my actual order so I could have it before this weekend but there is no excuse.

The card inside that said "Carefully inspected and packed by...." made me much happier.I won't be buying another necklace or anything through them.

Review about: Origami Owl Necklace.

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Sidney, Ohio, United States #1265002

Human error happens. You must be perfect and have never made a mistake then? They fixed the issue swiftly and that's what makes a great company.


I'm sorry I used to work for them and we never sold anu1 that kind of chain.

to Anonymous #1067283

Um, yes O2 DID sell that chain. Obviously you weren't doing your job because that is the large oval link chain! duh!

to Anonymous #1067372

I agree they DId sell this chain.I'm so tired of all these designers and people from the nest coming here bashing people for telling their experience.

obviously there is a big problem here and obviously origami is not going to do anything to fix the problem. A lot of people have the same complaints going back as far as 3 years! Wake up people!

how *** can you all be?!Never mind don't answer that because you will just make yourself look like a fool!


Hi I just wanted to say...

you go girl...Mine shattered and I never got a response to the original problem I had, to this day actually

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