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I left owl two months before my five year anniversary of being a rep. .....they have cheated me so much this year...I cannot take the stress any longer......I was cheated out of my April quarterly bonus,,..,,they also cheated me out of my October one but I got it, week later now they r cheating me out of my last paycheck cause I wanted to resign.

Instead of letting me resign they terminated me. They cheated one of my hostesses our of her rewArds...they said if terminated u don't get anything. They cheated me out of the charm of the month charms for nov. they have become so dishonest...they r actually bullying me but they speak out against

They cheated out 250 reps in April of their bonuses. They r definitely not A GORCE FOR GOOD AS THEY CLAIM.....I think the owner.chrissy is a monster....and I feel sorry for Bella.....avoid o.owl at all costs.they will cheat u one way or another and multiple times if they can figure out how....if u disagree with something they will terminate u.....I was not following their robotic personality u have to do to be one of them....well I am my own person .always have been and I do what's right. I don't go with any flow.dont join....don't buy their products.....u can buy same thing as they sell from Ali express for 2.00. They buy their charms and everything from Ali express.

Buy there not from owl. I found all this out and sharing with you.........Ali express will even engrave their trademark on the back for u for free ....owl chains and dangles r junk......don't buy those ever again,,,,,they r cheaters and cons.

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I was a designer too. I was cheated out of about $500 worth of hostess credit jewelry. They are disorganized and seem dishonest to me also.


5 years and this little knowledge?? You truly think their charms are equivalent to the crummy ones available all over for $2?

Not even close. I’ve also been with O2 about 5 years.... they have fairly helped me with a bonus I did not initially get because of a system error, your review truly makes very little sense. I see numerous points I know to be completely false and unfounded.

Nice try making up stats to support your lies, lol.. 250 didn’t get earned bonuses?!? Suuuuure. It’s really sad the lengths those who have decided to move on will go to to attempt to damage the businesses of current designers.

Your time would be better spent learning decent grammar for your next endeavor. lol.

to Stacy #1443022

Owl puppet u r.....I know grammar well. I am a bad typist and forget to edit......I know owl like the back of my hand,,....they r con artists......dishonest.....and compnay built on lies....all my statements r completely true.....

to Stacy #1443225

Never said the I charms were liek the knock offs....the chains and the dangles r pure junk.......I have a lot of knowledge of their stuff...I never insulted u....why insult for good u


Nothing resolved yet. I filed with the direct sales ethics company, they r pursuing it,,...o.owl is just telling lies.....I plan on filing with the MLM company and wiht the BBB. Also considering doing a newspaper ad....also going to do a utibe video....I am pursuing the situation and the situation of them bullying reps...taking advantage of reps....they r all con artists.........


Why did you stay so long? The writing was on the wall for the last three years.

to Anonymous #1404041

My new report was just posted last eh did nto begin keeping money from me til this spring,,,.i just pound out this year about them keeping ppls was the straw that broke the camels back.

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