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Update by user Jul 10, 2013

Update- after many weeks of no refund, the designer reluctantly refunded my money via pay pal. Yes I received my money back but will never do business with them again.

Original review posted by user Jun 09, 2013

I had looked into OO as a consultant, and even decided to be on the ridiculously long "wait list" to become one. I had ordered a few items.

Once I joined their online facebook support group for new/waiting consultants, I was amazed at the complaints the consultants posted, as well as their frustration for lack of customer service at the corporate level, plus they were always out of stock on items. This gave me a huge red flag and I started looking into another company. I decided to return my items within the 30 days. It has been 6 weeks since my return and I have YET to receive a refund.

The consultant who sold me the product told me that it was removed from her "personal volume" and that was 3 weeks ago. I FINALLY found a customer service phone number for OO and after 15 minutes on the phone with the lady, she said that the refund was processed and that it was sent to their corporate office for processing and it would take a few days. Guess what.......after a week and a half, I am still waiting!! Then, I received an email from them responding to my original email stating that they were showing the issue was resolved last week.

Um, no, it is not resolved. I do not have my money! I have since sent an email back this weekend, and plan to call again Monday. NO WAY am I joining a company with such poor customer service!

I cannot believe all of the hoops I have to jump through and the run around.

I will be deleting my name from their wait list.

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Van Alstyne, Texas, United States #686365

Think you are concerned now, you should google the company and read the articles about the owner Chrissy Weems. Concerning to say the least!!!

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #686359

O no I just went on the waiting list to be a diw. I was so excited to start and all pumped up for a positive company and product looks amazing .

Now I'm worried by all the neg comments I shouldn't do this.

I was surprised for the wait as well to sell. Second guessing now :eek


I am a designer for Origami Owl and your designer should have handled your returns. I am sorry you had a poor experience.

If I can help you in the future please let me know, again I apologize on their behalf.

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