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Update by user Nov 23, 2014

My name will show up *now* as a consultant, because as of October 16, 2014, I am a designer. Nothing has changed in my reviews. Love the company & love the product.

Original review posted by user Jan 06, 2014

I started seeing pictures of these lockets on my Facebook news feed in early 2013 and was intrigued. I thought the idea of a locket with charms was adorable and I really wanted to buy one. My husband's cousin told me she had put in to become a designer; she was approved in July of 2013. She told me that I should host a party so I could earn money towards some of the jewelry and could have my family & friends order the jewelry so we could all become Origami Owl obsessed customers.

I am hooked. We're all hooked. Yes, this is considered costume jewelry. But I think it is very well made and it's the most unique jewelry I have ever seen/owned. I'm not a fan of the yellow gold because it looks fake, but the silver and rose gold are beautiful. I also love the chocolate colored chains & lockets. I think the lockets are well made. I wear my locket every single day. I change out my charms every single day. I have yet to have an issue with any of them breaking.

I have also not had any issues with any order or shipment. Every time I have placed an order, it has arrived on time (or even ahead of schedule).

I'm astonished at all of the negative reviews. My experience with this company has been very pleasant. I'm not saying others don't have legitimate complaints , I'm just amazed.

I will continue to add to my Origami collection. I urge people to not give up on a few ordering issues. I think the company got too big too fast and just couldn't handle the volume. Give it time to settle down and I think this company will be able to deal with the every increasing customer numbers.

Review about: Origami Owl Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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What are you pissed about again?

to Anonymous #905216

Clearly Anonymous, you didn't read my post. Perhaps if you read down to the 4th paragraph, you'll see my reason for posting.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #806602

Christine- My name is Whitney Wehmeyer, I am also not a consultant but my friend is and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Just like you!!!

I searched your name as a consultant and it showed nothing for you. Thank you for having the courage to speak up!

My experience was also AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you again for your courage to share in the midst of such condemnation for what I think is an amazing company!


christine freiberg interesting because I just found you as an Origami Owl consultant. If you are going to post lies be smart about it because you are simply adding to the proof that this company is a scam and they are recruiting honest people like I believe you once were, to perpetuate their scam.

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #772101

By all means, please point me in the direction of where it states I am an Origami Owl consultant. I assure you that I am not.

My cousin sells the jewelry and I happily purchase it from her. When I hosted my 1st party, one of my friends booked a party, so I attended that party with my cousin and helped her set up.

To be a consultant or a designer requires quite a bit of money and time, which I do not have. I have 2 small children and never planned to become a designer.

Before you accuse someone of lying and perpetuating a scam, you should first seek out the facts. Making such accusations is neither advised nor wanted.

And your anonymity lends no credence that I am not an honest person, as I use my full name for my review.

Honestly, I saw so many of the negative comments about this company and as a happy customer, I decided to speak up.

I guess my patronage of a supposed "scam company" should be condemned.

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