My bracelet was a gift for mothers day.

Three days of wearing it the chain broke. I fixed it my self so I can still wear it

One month after I noticed it tarnishing. I cleansed them with cloth and they looked like new

In that same month a rind stone fell out of a charm and the locket

It took three months for me to receive my locket replacement and the it was broken upon arrival. Also my charm was not sent.

I returned the broken locket. Received a replacement in two weeks, but still no charm in sight. Now they have told me my charm style has been discontinued and now my other charm is missing a rind stone. Everything keeps falling apart and I guess I will continue to fix it myself until it not wearable but I will not be buying anything from this company or sending anything back for replacement. It's just too big of a headache. Oh and I'm still waiting for my replacement charm.

Review about: Origami Owl Charm.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Is a rind stone anything like a rhinestone?


That is so unfortunate! I'm guessing the person who sold the item did not give the care instructions along with the item.

I had my bracelet for a little over 2 months when another designer told me that I can't wear the bracelet in water it tarnishes the silver plating faster.

Well that would have been nice to know when I first received it!

Better luck next time


What charm was it?

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