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This past Feb of 2015, I purchased a chain, locket, face plate, charms, all large by the way, & love plate. All in rose gold.

This for my sisters birthday in March. Here it is only July, & her love plate, on the back of it, around the edges, are completely peeling, tarnished, & chipped. Seriously?! These products are not cheap.

I also have a locket & bracelet & all the fixings. I have spent a good fortune on these products. I was very excited to find this type of jewelry that tells a story. I sent messages to the women I purchased from.

I am on her FB group page. The only thing I got offered, was to dab some ketchup on it to see if it gets polished. My last message to her, she has ignored. Its just not right.

My sister did not get it wet. She has only taken it apart with great care once, to put 2 more charms in that she had purchased.

I just got this for her, it is very upsetting to see it, in its new stage & peeling like this. My family & I will not continue to buy this jewelry & I will be getting pictures of this out for other people so, that they are at least aware of what can happen.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of quality of product. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of origami owl rose gold plate and associated monetary loss in the amount of $9. Origami Owl needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Origami Owl plates are stamped on the back with a logo...this is not a genuine you can't really criticize it...every piece is stamped with the logo somewhere and there is a warranty and money back guarantee that has been honored over and over and over again....

to Anonymous #1047533

ummmm if you look close enough you can tell there is a stamp on the back.. so yes she can criticize!

to Anonymous #1047725

No, there isn't a stamped O2 logo on this plate. If pictured next to an authentic O2 piece, you would definitely be able to see the difference.

Obviously another purchase on the FAKE site..... "Origami Discount" is in NO WAY connected to ORIGAMI OWL and I personally do not understand how THAT company is still allowed to operate!


The damage that you are showing does look like water or some other type of chemical damage. The plates do not chip because they are metal so there is nothing to chip per se.

The plates need to be handled as little as possible because body oils and lotions will affect the finish of the product. What is on the front of the plate, even though our plates are now all custom inscribed, I may be able to locate one to replace it for your sister. Our jewelry (not the plates) is silver plated so it will tarnish and just needs a little polishing to get it back to its original shine.

Feel free to reach out to me at Karen

PS..Origami Owl is not closing its doors for those concerned.


yep same thing happen to mine! I was also told to put ketchup on mine and that came from customer service after I sat on hold for over an hour!

this company is a joke!

to Anonymous #1006077

Couldn't agree more, they are declining quickly..won't be long now.

to Anonymous #1006328

Funny, I just heard the same thing today that Origami is very close to closing their doors

to Anonymous #1006411

Really? More details please!

to Anonymous #1013745

Origami Owl is not closing their doors, so those rumors can be put to bed.

to Anonymous #1022153

I knew it! ;)

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