I received an OO for my birthday in February. I received a necklace (it has the little beads...looks like what they wear when wearing dog tags) and a locket with wonderful charms. I have worn it quite a bit but in the summer did not because there was no need to in the heat.

I put it on yesterday. I noticed by the end of the day my neck was burning. I thought maybe a sunburn. I got a mirror and was shocked to see what was on my neck. It looks like a chemical burn and greenish streaks on either side coming from the burn. I was shocked! I just emailed the company. We will see what they say. I do not use perfumes or go in the water with it on. I showed it to my mom and she couldn't believe it and my friend who is a nurse was shocked it did that to me.

After 6 months of owning this necklace, I don't think it should do that. (The pic does not do it Justice. A lot worse in person).

I will never buy a necklace from them. My family, who gave me the necklace, feels bad.

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And what's going on with your finger it looks like you have some kind of fungus going on . something's not right you're getting all these chemical reactions, I get allergies like that on my fingers and hands from handling too much silver and nickel of course


Use clear nail polish, or get clear coat in a spay can kholex. .it coats costume jewelry so it don't do that..I have to do it with some stuff too

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #906877

Origami Owl necklaces are nickel free, they do not turn necks green. Sounds like you may have an allergy to copper or rhodium.

to Roc***e Houston, Texas, United States #997087

This is not true! I've had my necklace for 18 months and my neck is green. This is the FIRST time a NECKLACE has turned my neck green!!


Allergic reaction to the metals

to commonsense #892139

I agree.Usually these types of allergic reactions will occur after months of usage.

Try finding out what kind of metal the necklace is made of and experiment for a few days.

Wear another piece of jewelry of the same metal and see if you have the same reaction.You might be blaming the company for it, when in reality it's your body causing the problem.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #867172

That does not look like anything that could be caused from wearing a necklace for a few hrs .. or even a week. It looks like a scar.

to skeptic #874772

Don't know what you're talking about - I've had plenty of cheap rings leave marks and other things in just a day's worth of wear.


The chemical burn I cannot say much for, my best idea would be that whatever was coating the outer layers of the necklace rubbed off against your neck and created a bad reaction. The green line though is cause by some metals as they react with sweat from the skin, much like a ring turning your finger green, this shouldn't be much concern but that burn is definitely something to see someone about.


It looks like someone put a cord around your neck and choked you...yikes!

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