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My sister had a OO party that I was not able to attend so I ordered a necklace and all the stuff to go with it online. The first disappointment was that my sister didn't get credit for my order which we both thought she would.

After waiting three weeks I finally got the necklace in the mail, but nothing else was with it. So I called to tell them I didn't receive my whole order, just one piece and they told them I needed to fill out a form and wait 7-10 business days. Three weeks later I called and they said they didn't receive my form even though I had confirmation they did. So I asked for a refund.

It has now been three months and all I have received as a refund is 10.95 for the necklace I returned but the rest of my $130.26 for the products I never received has not been refunded. I have been told 3 times that my refund would be processed rapidly and then when I call back for no refund they tell me they don't know why it wasn't processed and they will process another rapid refund.

I am beyond frustrated!!!! $119.26 is a lot of money for me to just let go of, so I guess I'll keep trying...

Monetary Loss: $119.

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Plano, Texas, United States #703976

Contact the BBB I did got my charms overnighted and was provided a credit for them all.. Only way to get something done.


I would contact your bank and report it as fraud on the card you used as payment. Good luck!

Sacramento, California, United States #695165

This company is such a joke. They treat customers poorly over and over.

I feel bad for you and your sister who didn't get credit where she should have. Unfortunately, you will probably need to call them 5 more times to get this resolved.

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