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A ***? Really Chrissy? How ANY woman can not only work for a person like, but support and defend her and her ridiculous company now, is mind-blowingly asinine... CHRISTIAN WEEMS is doing all she can to spin her image around after nearly killing her own child, and then Knowingly destroyed evidence that would have further incriminated her best friend the child molester, (now serving only 13 years in prison for her crimes, would have been a longer term had Chrissy not intervened) How disgusting. Changing her name to "Chrissy", even dying her hair as a brunet now?! What is this, a movie? It's obvious to those who live here, and its becoming clearer to those elsewhere, that the Origami Owl company Chrissy started, (not her daughter Bella), is nothing more than a front, an unmistakable and straightforward attempt to clear her name and re-invent her image, under the guise of some sort of overnight entrepreneur running a multi-million dollar company on her own. Before Origami Owl Christian Weems was an interior decorator, (known WIDELY for using IKEA's cheap furnishings)... So how does a person like Christian Weems get to the top of a company reporting it's 250 million dollar worth to Forbes magazine in its 3rd year of business?... The Mormon church of course. Christian Weems simply did her church a favor and ended up taking a "bullet" for it. She helped to cover up Suzan Brock's crimes, in order to protect the public image and office of Suzan's husband, Fulton Brock, a Maricopa County Board Supervisor and high profile member of the Mormon church.

I've also recently found proof Origami Owl did in fact quietly sell the company to some generic LLC in the state of Delaware, which holds laws unique only to the state of Delaware that protects businesses, new one especially, from financial obligations should their business practices and decisions prove counterproductive and costly, no matter what choices are made... How convenient.

The moral of this story is DON'T buy in to the Origami Owl doctrine, "force for good", "women empowerment", it's all marketing. They're no different than any other pyramid scheme business, they just have a prettier package and a cute young girl to market as their founder. How shameful is THAT?! In a few years, Origami Owl will be nothing more than a statistical example studied by business and marketing students as how NOT to start, own, and operate a legitimate and integral business in the US open marketplace.

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I want to say that I have personally known the Weems family for many years. Chrissy Weems made a mistake with leaving her child in the car; she cares deeply for all of her children and has not made that same mistake again.

And I also know the Brocks personally, and was completely deceived, as many were, by what happened with Susan Brock. Origami Owl really was started by Bella; she was one of my friends at the time, and the business really is hers. Either that or she's found another way to come up with millions of dollars.

I just thought I'd set the record straight, as I know what I'm talking about.

Don't judge people until you know them and their situations personally. It's rude and only hurts everyone around you.


I am involved in a lawsuit against Origami Owl. If you have information about them, that information could be very helpful to proving the truth.

Please contact me at linxandmore@gmail.com Please note: We cannot speak to current employees.

Thank you!


Phoenix, Arizona, United States #940689

Media and people sensationalize the negative in everything, people thrive on negativity, drama and bringing others down to make themselves feel better, stronger, more popular or even happy.

Much of what you read is untrue and only one aspect of a story is ever told.

It saddens me that anyone would prefer to sensationalize such a hurtful situation without having the true facts.

Chandler, Arizona, United States #939922


This actually is a much more thorough explanation of the lawsuit. 80 pages in fact! Worth reviewing.

to Not a Zombie #950765

This is a complaint. It is not the entire case.

It is the "side" of the Plaintiff. ONE SIDE OF THE STORY. A complaint is NOT proof of facts. It is a CLAIM which begins a lawsuit.

I could file a complaint against Apple and claim to be the creator of the iPad. Until it goes to court and Apple has the opportunity to prove I'm wrong, or flat out lying, it's simply a claim, not a fact.

If you look up all the lawsuits currently going on with glass lockets involved your head will spin. I myself had to file a complaint against a mall kiosk for using a picture of MY Locket.

-- All that aside. Everything you read online is NOT true. I repeat, everything you read on line is not true. If Chrissy Wheems did something illegal she is not in jail for it...

I am guessing she had her day in court. I wasn't there, I didn't witness it. But I leave it to my justice system to make a determination and assign punishment (and then God to dole out any other judgments).

By the way, if you base your buying decisions on what the Corporate players have or haven't done you might as well start growing your own food, raising your own cattle, building your own computer (though you'll have to manufacture your own parts) providing your own internet and cellular signals (again you'll have to build all of that yourself), refining your own oil, building your own cars, making your own clothes, developing your own vaccinations and making just about every single product you use in your daily life. Just saying...

Honestly, posting this type of stuff trying to get people not to buy Origami Owl is NOT hurting Origami Owl. It's hurting the small business independent designers struggling to make a living selling Origami Owl such as myself.

Haters gonna hate, but I love Origami Owl as do all of my customers, and I do not have a single unhappy customer. I take great care of them!

to Proud Origami Owl Designer #1150255

Every comment related to the personal integrity of the founder of O2 is TRUE. This company was set on a path to self destruction in 2012 before they actually exploded.

They had a world class leadership team that had the experience and capability to mold this company into a GREAT company...Between the Chrissy's GREED and her insane ego she is incapable of empowering others and actually acknowledging the contributions of those individuals who really provided the leadership that was so desperately needed during the 2013 growth curve... * which led to the departure of everyone who was actually making a positive impact on the company.

This company was founded on lies! and most of its field leaders are actively looking to find new homes.

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