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Please share the link below to everyone you can If you want to stop everyone from being victims of Fraud, Fight Back Against Origami Owl Fraudulent Business Practices. Origami Owl has fraudulently filed for unlimited count of copyrights and patents.

They lie to everyone as it is their own collection deigns. Meanwhile they continue to harass and sue and destroy the real honest companies Sellers that have sold jewelry prior to Origami Owl ever starting their business have been accused of their fraud accusation of owning the products. Do to their fraud they will continue to try to dominate a jewelry collection they do not own. Overwhelming proof will expose their 7 years of fraud Donate to Help Fights and Expose the Real Truth Behind Origami Owl Click to support to get the real sellers back into an honest market to live Share the link to everyone to make a stand to stopping fraud. Our goal is fight for the real companies and sellers, selling the honest product. Exposing how a company can steel a products to claim they have ownership on has to stop

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Cheap looking jewelry for the suburban housewife. Also, poor quality and of course MADE IN CHINA.


You are wrong. Oragami Owl / Living Lockets, was invented by a 14 year old.

She expanded her business to have individual sales reps (like Avon), which she calls "designers" because they help the buyer design the locket (etc) total look. They aren't actual product designers and they purchase the items that others order, from Oragami Owl/Living Lockets. You are defrauding any investors you get from your "Go Fund Me" page and You can and probably will be sued!!

This is in regards to the go fund me - victims of fraud comment that is so wrong! How dare you try to steal from a successful company started by a child.

to Annonymous #1329096

Origami Owl (as in ORIGAMI - not ORAGAMI) the company was started by a child and her mother, this is true. The term 'Living Locket" was trademarked by the same and a few of their original designs for charms and lockets were copyrighted.

However stainless steel glass lockets and floating charms were sold for years prior by many different companies. As such - Origami Owl did not invent the locket - repeat, they did not invent the locket, just the company and their term. Currently OO and their legal team are harassing and threatening to sue many on-line retailers, some large some small.

A few maybe rightfully so and others without just cause - I suppose hoping if they intimidate enough, other business will close. It will be nearly impossible to conclude who ACTUALLY did invent the locket - doesn't really matter because for the most part the idea has seen it's heyday.



You need to move on. You did not invent the product, and you are just as guilty about copying other companies products.

All you have done is ruin your own life and business. Move on - no one cares anymore.

to Bored #1472917

I have to agree with your post. As a shopper who has purchased from multiple sites that sell locket jewelry -including the OP's before things got ugly- regardless of what transpired between OO and the OP, the long rant on the main page of her store website is a big turn-off and there's the same typo of "steel" when the correct spelling is "steal" (as in theft).

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