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My husband bought me a bracelet in December of 2013 with about 6 charms. Within one week, one rhinestone from the link locket fell out along with a single rhinestone from both my heart key dangle and my crystal pave heart dangle ended up falling out. Three of the charms started to tarnish and became a pinkish color. The crystal pave heart dangle tarnished, the silver angel wing dangle tarnished, and so did another (that I don't have pictures of because my niece wanted it). The small lipstick charm turned black on the color portion and I never touched it. As a matter of fact, the seller is the one who put it all together for me!

My husband was furious as he was the one who noticed the bracelet starting to go south. He said for just a couple hundred bucks more, he could've gotten me a Pandora bracelet that would have lasted longer. I can understand costume jewelry at costume prices! This stuff is way too expensive to be "disposable". I will never, ever, ever wear another piece of jewelry from these rip-off artists! You live and you learn. I too was told that I had the jewelry too long to do anything about it...aaand it took forever to be told something I cared not to hear.

**Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what happened to my jewelry after one week. You may notice that the pieces have many nicks on them and that is because after I found out I couldn't get my money back for the wretched thing, I continued to wear it without caring whether or not it hit anything (what for?) To be honest, I began taking it off and tossing it in the basket with keys upon coming home (piece of junk). This review has been written over a month into having the bracelet in my possession.**

Save your money and spend it on better quality jewelry that does not disappoint or embarrass you!

Review about: Origami Owl Charm.

Monetary Loss: $120.


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New York, New York, United States #1334429

I can get all you showed in photos for $1 each in Manhattan - 28th Street and 6th Ave .

Utah, United States #1154159

You see that laptop charm in the locket.They copied it from someone's dangle.

Look it up.haha they are screwing you all

Tennessee, United States #1154158

When Origami Owl sends other peoples designs to china to copy what do you expect.Do you really think they care they bought that for .20 cents yes .20 cents or less when they charged you $5.00 or more.

All they want to do is get your money for the *** and you completed their goal.They do not care if they burn you


There are guarantees on Origami products.If the person who sold it to you is not available or willing to work with you I would contact the main company.

I purchase this product for many family members as a gift and none of your issues ever happened.

Sorry you experience this.Please contact the headquarters.


Hahaha hahaha your jewelry embarrassed you. Hahahahahahaha

to Anonymous Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1065897

Shut up ! There is no reason at all to be this nasty.


Yes. Mine did the same thing. The bracelt remained silver the charms horrible and it cannot be polished out.

Vacaville, California, United States #915412

Wish I had found this blog before I spent over a 100 each on 2 bracelets with lots of charms for myself and the other was a gift. I realize this is costume jewelry but I never expected the bracelets to tarnish in two months or the charms to start falling apart , I felt bad about complaining since my daughters friend was selling it, stay away from this company I will contact the better Buisness bureau.

Beverly Hills, California, United States #897853

LMAO@Rhinestones!He should have shopped at Jared's or got your some real stones that's worth complaining about.

And also you stopped caring about the bracelet, call it junk but yet kept wearing it? HE didn't care enough to spend more than a few buxx on you, YOU dont' care about yourself because you continued to wear it after it fell apart, called customer service, complained to your husband day in and out and still wore it? LOL i know he's thinking gotta get her better junk. Junk that will hold together longer than this one did.

He isn't thinking, I should have to her a tiffany charm bracelet, he's thinking should have took her out to a buffet instead.

LMAO..he claims he got it from there, he prob ordered it from one of those knock of china websites trynna save it buck and getting upset about situation, trying to save face.

to DontBeThaGirlThatWillWearJunkK Niagara Falls, New York, United States #898142

Even the rich wear costume jewelry dear.To each his or her own.

You consciously chose to spell "bucks" as "buxx" so I'm not sure you're smart enough to care about yourself. You also seem to lack a life, as you took time out of yours to use that many words to ridicule someone who (if you read the comments) has pricey jewelry. It's possible you are too "Beverly Hills" to read that far down. OP never said anything about complaining to her husband constantly, and you'll also notice the husband knew he could've gotten better for her.

Too much reading for you I suppose.

Try taking a trip to grammar land and while there, see if someone offers a lesson or two on being less judgmental.#wasteofalife

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