I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with you . I hosted an Origami party and still have NOT received my charms/ necklace and its been close to 30 days!!!!

When you call office all you get is excuses but no results!!!! You do not respond back to your email complaints or return calls as you state on your recorder.

Your hold time is ridiculous and there messages states"we love you here at that net" so unprofessional! The questions to ask yourself, is, do you want a one time customer or a life time customer....You need to get it together ORGAMI!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Origami Owl Necklace.

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First, let me say that I have been in direct sales over 25 years and I know a good company when I see one. That being said, I have been with Origami Owl since September 2013 and promoted to Team Leader in my third month, and will promote again soon.

Admittedly, it does take a certain type of individual to go in front of people and "sell" ANY product and a handful of individuals willing to host start up parties, aka jewelry bars, for you - if you do not possess these qualities/meet this criteria this business might not work or be for you.

I have only good things to say about Origami Owl.

A few 'tiny' bumps in the road but they address them and 'learn from them' - I am very impressed with this tiny company.

As to the defects with missing stones, etc. are you all aware that the stones are set by hand and this can happen and a designer can (and should) replace the item, even at her cost/discount to keep with good customer service it out of warranty for a reasonable period of time - in the case of the Christmas gift purchase.

Also, this is NOT a pyramid business. It is a direct sales company, 'network marketing' - we display, present, and sell our products usually in a home setting.

Unlike "pyramids" where the people just sign under others, and usually offer 'renewing' contracts for preferred customer status, etc. and are merely numbers who sit back and collect of others, etc. All designers, even the highest up have a personal minimum of sales they need to make in order to 'benefit' from their teams. We have to get 'out on the street' just like they do!

As far as the individual who posted in here about O2's use of PayQuicker - I think it is fabulous!

Our commissions/"pay", if you will, goes directly into our PayQuicker account which is linked to a credit card and I NEVER pay the fees because I use the card as "credit", not debit and even then it is minimal. If I need the money into one of my bank accounts it's a $.50 fee to transfer, not bad! I LOVE the Payquicker payment method because it is an ongoing accurate record of my 'pay' I can use at the end of year for taxes so Thank You, Origami Owl for that! As far as income - I have made well over $6,000 in my first six months as a Designer.

I think that's pretty great! I think most disgruntled designers in here either (1)did not have adequate training by their uplines to be successful as a designer (it is soooo easy), or, (2) just gave up too soon.

These are the easiest products I have ever had to sell in my 25 years in direct sales, and I have been with over a dozen companies during that time. (I even gave up leadership in one of them to devote more time to my Origami Owl business).


There are many companies out there with similar if not the same products, after all origami owl (OO) is not a patent design and its available through many jewelry manufactures, that is how Bella started to begin with, she order her first 10 lockets and charms and sold them among friends, etc. Let's not even go into the whole multi-marketing portion of the lawsuit.Aside from all that, the concept of personalizing jewelry, just like Pandora brand and swarovski does too, the lockets are really nice. So if you still like the products and want to buy as customers you can buy them directly from companies like www.dolcenina.com,SHD both have great quality and customer service. There are many others, you should do your research.

If you want to do be independent there are many companies out there that will allow you to sell these products as well. Just do your research. Best of luck.

to Cristina #772267

This is the best advice Christina. Very informative and true.

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