Pleasantville, New York

I never received a confirmation after I ordered online. It took days and 20 plus tries holding on the phone for 30 to 45 minutes a pop till someone finally picked up only to be told there was nothing they could tell me about my order.

They could not tell me when it would be shipped or the status. It was ordered 10 days before mothers day as a gift to my daughter and they couldn't tell me when it would leave the warehouse and refused to make any calls to find out anything more. Save your money and headaches and do not purchase anything from them.

Then they told me that because I added a inscription it would take an extra 7 days but never did they let me know that when I ordered it.

Number one rule of business is take care of the customer and I guess they never learned that rule. They get one of the worst ratings in my consumer book.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of origami owl customer care. Origami Owl needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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to Anonymous #981067

the above comment must be an OO person and the above comment proves they don't give two cents about their customers! Never again will i purchase anything from this company!

to Anonymous #981477

Maybe you're illiterate. I'm not with Origami Owl but I know a designer and I've ordered from them, and it says right on the website, in nice big letters, it will take extra time.

Reading comprehension, it's a wonderful thing. I didn't say anything about their customer service, all I said was pay better attention. You can't blame them for ignoring the warning about the extra time for inscriptions. Same with the people who claim they only got a face, or only got a base.

It's not *** rocket science.

When you add a base to your cart it says in BIG, BOLD letters "don't forget to add a face to complete the look!" But people like you ignore that and accept no responsibility. Their customer service sucks, but you suck too because you didn't pay attention.

to Anonymous #981488

Wow, anonymous you are a real class act!! You are just not a nice person.

Maybe you should talk to all the Origami designers and leaders who are being destroyed by this company. And by the way Ms. Rocket Scientist, even the regular orders are not being delivered as promised. So maybe you need to speak when you have all the facts straight about a situation.

You are not even with the company so you speak misinformed. You don't even have an idea of what the company promised and wasn't able to fulfill. Ignorance is bliss and you are definitely *** ignorant.

The company is a mess! Get your facts straight before you go running your mouth off!

to Anonymous #981595

First of all if you are not an designer with OO why are you scouring this page? I am sure you are just a concerned customer!Second that verbiage indicated the base is an add on feature not a requirement for the locket to work. Go back to sitting at your desk making cruel and childish remarks at frustrated shoppers.

to Anonymous #981724

boy you are a very angry person aren't you?? lmao clearly you are drinking the 02 kool-aid!

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