Zavalla, Texas
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I ordered 155.00 dollars worth of jewelry, 13 items that I did not get. I received a chain and 2 charms that I didn't order.I was told to fill out a form and return the items they sent me and they will fix it.

Sorry customer service.Just send me the correct order. They are not reliable at all.The jewelry I got looked like it came out of a quarter machine. I have to do all the led work and printing forms on my dime to fix there screw up.

I had drdered my daughter a set and they sent a june birthstone and the item ordered was july. I want my money back and I want it now.something needs to be done about this company and its customer service or lack there of.

Monetary Loss: $155.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #902903

Your designer should have taken care of all of this for you. The person you bought it from.

It's not the companies fault, I am a designer & they have always been amazing to me but as a customer you are supposed to go to the seigneur you bought it from & they do the work. But if you bought it directly off the website. That's a different story. If you call & speak to them nicely they will handle any of your needs.

I have also found out as a designer that some people don't always follow the rules (not that you didn't :-) but Lockets are NOT to be worn in the shower or submerged in water or jewelry cleaner or the glass seal can unseal itself, & from your picture, that's what look like happened. Your glass came out because of the seal. Origami Owl makes beautiful jewelry & ITS VERY HIGH QUALITY, definitely not from a bubble gum machine, lol.

not once have I not found customer care not to be helpful. Hope you got your issue resolved.

Elkhart, Indiana, United States #844962

You will have virtually no issues if you connect with an Independent Designer and place your orders through her

to s***sbells #854308

shellsbells? Have you not scrolled these 150 some odd complaints and the thousands of comments posted along with the complaints?

"Virtually no issues if you connect with an independent designer"?

The designers have absolutely no control over any of the schemes of the OO corporation. In fact, most of these complaints are from former myself.

to s***sbellslies #854547

That is so weird because I have a girl I purchase from and my friends and I have never had any problems with anything! In fact, we are excited to see all the new stuff that's coming out this month - I've already booked my party, we can't wait!!

I don't know anything about any scams, I'm not even sure where that comes from..... unless you are the type of person that feels better by tearing others down???


You would have a lot fewer issues if you contacted an Independent Designer

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